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Solution provider who brings AI VISON to Embedded edge device.

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Our Starting Point

Professionals in computer vision gathered together to minimize
the risk of traffic-related accidents caused by human error.
Imagine the world in which the machine allows the driver to stay on the right track,
remain alert and focused, or even relinquish control to the machine itself!
FS Solution strives to bring life to these machines and many others.

What sets us apart?

FS Solution has a deep knowledge about optical model, imaging system, feature abstraction, pattern recognition, object detection
and building tracking algorithm - based on our expertise, we can provide the top-notch object detection solution to hardware manufacturers.

We design a state-of-the-art vision algorithm optimized for embedded devices.
Our leading technology has been adopted in various automotive products to enhance the safety of drivers,
from the dashboard camera industry to the automotive sector (T1, T2).

Our compact and lean AI computer vision algorithm will be a perfect fit solution for the embedded system integrator.
Pushing the envelope of computer vision AI technology.

Our patents prove our cutting-edge technology.
Apparatus and method for
traffic signal recognition
No. 10-2016-0000266
Back warning method
and apparatus of a vehicle
No. 10-2016-0049337
Apparatus and method
for forward collision warning
No. 10-2017-0087912
Method and apparatus
for blind spot detection
No. 10-2018-0012903
Apparatus and method for
predicting degree of risk
by forward vehicle
No. 10-2018-0009334
Method and apparatus
for forward vehicle start alarm
No. 10-2018-0074308
Method and apparatus
for vehicle start alarm
No. 10-2018-0124255
Forward vehicle detection
apparatus and method
No. 10-2018-0152199
Method for Idetificating Traffic Lights, Device and Program using the same
No. 10-2020-0002104
ISSUED ON [2022.11.24]


Working for FS Solution means taking part of a world’s leading AI computer vision technology. Continuous motivation, dynamism and creativity will make you grow professionally. We want to invest in the future and you.