Technology that saves lives by minimizing Human error.

Customized algorithm backed by robust filed experience and expertise will make
it easy to integrate with existing camera.
FS SOLUTION's ADAS solution started
as an aftermarket camera-based solution for integrators and OEMs.

A simple camera running our compact and lean software turns
into a powerful driver assistance device.

Backed by our robust field experience and expertise,
algorithms and outputs are
customizable and the software architecture is easily portable onto edge embedded device.

ADAS applications
presented by FS Solution

Traffic Light Detection System

It's not easy to focus on driving all the time, sometimes you forget to start off at green light - FS TLDS (Traffic Light Detection System) alerts you when the red light turns into green.

Weaving Driving Detection

This solution helps drivers to remain alert when the vehicle in front of them is swerving between lanes and cutting off other drivers in traffic.

Other available
ADAS Solutions

Lane Departure Warning
Forward Collision Warning
Pedestrian Collision Warning
Front Pedestrian Collision Warning
Front Vehicle Start Alarm
Backward Collision Warning
Traffic Sign Recognition
Risk Prediction Warning
Weaving Driving Detection
Our DMS (Driver Monitoring System) solution employs the cutting-edge

AI and computer vision technology to detect distracted driving or drowsiness of the driver.

DMS Solution​​

Cutting edge AI and computer vision technology
to detect distracted driving of a driver.
Our solution can detect​

DMS Solution​​

Cutting edge AI and computer vision technology to detect distracted driving of a driver.
Our solution can detect​.
Based on the thresholds set by FS, after discussing with OEM
or Tier One electronics integrator,
if the driver looks away from the road or
closes their eyes for more than a certain period, the system will begin to escalate a series of warnings to encourage
the driver to re-engage their attention to the road.
As soon as the driver looks back to the road, the warnings to the driver may be turned off.
* FS Solution has developed its DMS algrithms on the basis that it should be compatible
with any type of hardware that is under the constrained condition
FS Solution's Face Identification Solution can be used in authentication, surveillance Application with High Accuracy, Efficient performance.
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