FS Solution – The perfect fit AI vision technology for edge applications.


FS solution is a software solution provider that brings
efficient and affordable computer vision to embedded system.
Using our solution, every camera built-in smart device
manufacturer can make their products smarter.
FS solution’s vision based on-device AI is a perfect fit solution
for cost and energy constrained edge application.

Benefits with On - device AI

Independent AI

Independent AI

On-Device AI technology can save per-sonal biometric information used for authentication, such as fingerprint, iris and face scans, onto embedded hard-ware safely.
Low energy & cost

Low energy & cost

A core feature of On-Device AI technology is its ability to compute large amounts of data at a high speed without consuming excessive amounts of electricity.
Low Latency

Low Latency

Running AI algorithms on the device independent of the cloud can greatly improve response time and efficiency, as data doesn’t need to be transferred between the cloud and the device.

Why should you choose our AI Vision Technology?

1           /    We design an efficient and optimized AI model for target devices in a constrained hardware environment.

2           /     We can deploy Compact On-device AI to the edge through our special quantization and pruning technique.

3           /      The applications using camera sensors are limitless – so are our AI models. We are equipped with various AI models 

                that can be applied to a variety of applications.









Deep Learning is a vital technology
for our AI vision algorithm design to handle vast data set.
FS Solution has been accumulating the know-how to data management and image processing by utilizing CNN, ANN, and other technologies related to deep learning.

FS Net is highly efficient Deep Neural Network can be adopted in
 various industrial categories include ADAS, Robotics, Security, etc.
FS Net is an edge device optimized solution that can service more than 10+ platforms.
Whether your target platform is already on commercial 
level or R&D phase, FS Net would be a perfect fit for your need.

FS NNE would accelerate the efficiency of on-device AI feature.
It enables Machine-Learning inference with low latency.
We can phrase it a perfect AI framework that comes from Lower-bit packing technology for cost and energy-constrained embedded solution.

· Support various Deep Learning Frameworks
· Maximized H/W efficiency with Low-Level Optimizations.
Limitless Edge applications that need our expertise in AI computer vision.
On-device deep learning inference offers a capable solution for applications in many different industries, including assembly,
collaborative robotics, medical technology, drones, driver assistance, and autonomous driving.